Ordination of deacons – catch up with the livestream

Published: Monday June 19, 2023

The new deacons ready for the service to beginAt the weekend we celebrated the ordination of a new group of priests and deacons. Ordination is the Church’s official recognition of a person’s sense of calling to be a priest or deacon and this first step into ordination gives them the authority to do certain things in the name of God and the Church. Link to the video below.

This newest generation of clergy joins others in leading churches through prayer, teaching and worship, furthering the mission of the Church, to be a Church for all people and for all places. Traditionally, most ordination services take place at the end of June, during Petertide, a feast day marking the martyrdom of Saint Peter, the fisherman, who as a disciple of Jesus was an instrumental figure in the early Church.


Ordination of deacons, Sunday 25 June 2023

On Sunday 25 June at 10am, eight people took the first step into ordained ministry at Gloucester Cathedral when they were ordained as deacons. A former optician, headteacher and property manager are among the eight people ordained deacon.

Watch the service.

You can download a copy of the order of service here.

The eight people being ordained as deacons (and their parish/area) on Sunday 25 June are:

Lucy BARBOUR Bishop’s Cleeve and Woolstone with Gotherington and Oxenton
Molly BOOT Redmarley D’Abitot, Bromesberrow, Pauntley, Upleadon, Oxenhall, Dymock, Donnington, Kempley and Preston
Tracey CLEMENTS Minchinhampton with Box and Amberley
Caroline DUNNETT Redmarley D’Abitot, Bromesberrow, Pauntley, Upleadon, Oxenhall, Dymock, Donnington, Kempley and Preston
Mark DUNNING Newent and Gorsley with Clifford’s Mesne
Catherine MILSOM Gloucester, St Barnabas
Simon PHILIPS Tewkesbury, Holy Trinity
Catie WATSON South Cotswolds Team Ministry (Training in The Five Villages: Kempsford with Whelford, Castle Eaton and The Meyseys)

After ordination, the new clergy are beginning their ministerial life as deacons. The first jobs they do are called curacies (they are known as curates). After a year, most deacons are ordained again as a priest. Some choose to remain as deacons throughout their ministry.

Please hold all these people in your prayers as they begin their ministries.



Bishop Rachel and Archdeacon Hilary

Preparing for the service in the Lady Chapel

































More photos to follow. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and also on the diocesan website for the latest.


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  1. Our prayers, are with you all as you begin your new lives of serving Christ as deacons and priests. He will be with you
    @Wendy Love and prayers.

  2. My prayers, are with you as you begin your new life of ordained ministry. He will be with you. Look forward to meeting you Simon.
    @Wendy Roberts, Lots of prayers.

  3. Thank you for live-streaming. For those of us house or bed-bound, it was wonderful to be with you all as you start your new service for God. May God richly bless you all.

  4. I wish you all the very best. God will be with you on your journey. Bless Him x

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