Godly Play

In most religious education children are told who God is. In Godly Play children discover who God is.

Godly Play is a story telling technique based on the principle that all children have an innate Spirituality and our responsibility is to respect that and encourage it to flourish.

A typical session will include a welcome, time to get ready, a Bible story using symbolic objects and artefacts, open questions and discussion to explore the story and time to respond with using a variety of materials not solely craft. Many groups also share a ‘feast’ eating together bread and grapes as symbols of Holy Communion.

Jo Wetherall is an accredited Godly Play teacher and alongside Alison Summerskill, our Godly Play Advocate for Gloucestershire, is taking a lead on all things Godly Play for the diocese; including gathering a network of people interested in or already using Godly play.