Our office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you have any queries around parish finances or parish share, grants, returns or loans, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

The Board of Finance is a limited company responsible for employing staff at Church House; for managing the finances of the Diocese; and for providing administration and holding property on behalf of Diocesan Synod (as the Diocesan Synod is legally unable to do so). It acts in accordance with the policy and directives of the Diocesan Synod.

The Board of Finance provides information and advice on financial matters to clergy, PCCs and Parish Treasurers; and is responsible for keeping the accounts of various diocesan bodies.

Each year the Gloucester Diocesan Board of Finance (GDBF) is required to prepare statutory accounts for the “group” – these comprise the activities not only of the GDBF, but also its subsidiaries – Good & Faithful Servant Limited, Jumping Fish Limited and the Charity of Ann Edwards.

Gloucester Diocesan Board of Finance – Accounts 2022 – signed

Gloucester DBF – Accounts 2021 – signed

GDBF Annual Report and Accounts 2020

GDBF – 2019 signed accounts

GDBF Final accounts 2018 

Parish Share

Parish Share reports and detail

LIFE Together Fund and 10:10 Circle

In 2023, we reviewed the way in which we provide funding and have developed a new framework for bringing some of our visionary leaders together, to support and learn from one another and to share in the opportunities to apply for funding, both internally and externally.

Full information and application process

PCC Loans

These are available from the DBF if:
Your PCC has a good track record with Parish Share and is currently up to date
Works to the Church have a faculty
There is a clear and reasonable repayment plan


Your Parish Code

We have received a number of calls regarding the parish code. This is not a Diocesan code but comes from the Archbishop’s Council. To find your parish code, simply visit the national A Church Near You website, search for your parish (by name or location), then click on the ‘more info’ tab. The parish code is the 6-digit code starting ‘6’.

Christian Giving

We have substantial resources, advice and guidelines to support the subject of giving.

Parochial fees

These are fees due for weddings and funerals, rate-set by the Archbishop’s Council. Extras may be set by the PCC (eg organist/bells etc)

In the ‘Table of Parochial Fees from January 2019’ circulated by national church, provided to PCC Treasurers in December 2018 & hosted on our Diocesan website, note A4. “Fee for Marriage Certificate” states that ‘The fees may be increased from 1 April 2019’. It has now been confirmed that there is now a single standard fee of £11 per certificate, irrespective of when issued by clergy.

Table of Parochial Fees 2022

Table of Parochial Fees 2023

Table of Parochial Fees 2024

A4. Fee for Marriage Certificate The following fees are currently payable under the Marriage Act 1949 to the Parochial Church Council under the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Fees) (Amendment) Order 2018: certified copy of entry in marriage register at time of registration or subsequently, £11.00. This is not an ecclesiastical fee and is only payable to churches until May 4th 2021, after which certificates will be issued by the register office and not the church. (

GDBF Casual Duty Fees Rates 2022

GDBF Casual Duty Fee Rates 2023

GDBF Casual Duty Fee Rates 2024

Fees Policy Booklet – 2019
Casual duty request (CDR) form FIN015
CDR claim form (FIN013)
Fees return form FIN011
Fees summary form FIN012