Messy Church

Messy Church reflects a God of joy who wants his people to have life in all its fullness.

Messy Church is…

  • a way of being church for all ages involving fun!
  • based on Messy Church values which are Christ-centred, all age and creative
  • offering hospitality and celebration!
  • a brilliant way to connect church and community

Messy Church has a wonderful website of resources where you can find out more about its core values and importantly a facility to find your local Messy Church.

If you can’t find one near you, contact Jo who will put you in touch. If you are running a Messy Church, do register so others can find you.



The Real Me

Based around the principles of the Liedentity Campaign, Bishop Rachel and others have put together an identity-themed Messy Church resource which is freely available below.

Helen McGeoch, Pioneer in Tuffley says, “We don’t always understand who we are when we’re growing up. We think we need to look special, but actually it’s what’s on the inside that matters”. Speaking on the broader topic of Messy Church (which happens in Tuffley on a monthly basis) she says, “Messy Church is so good, it’s breaking down barriers that separate church from community and overlapping the two.”

Download the Real Me planning resource for your own Messy Church
Read more about the Messy Church Real Me resources
More resources and information about the Liedentity Campaign

Watch The Real Me in action

Support and Training

If you are hoping to start up a Messy Church or similar project in your parish or school then please do get in touch with Jo who would love to give you advice and help to develop something which is appropriate and sustainable for your community.

We run regular training and networking events at both deanery and diocese level.

See news feed for details of any events that are coming up or register with the Children and Families Forum to receive regular mailing!


Jo Wetherall 01452 8345552