Clergy Spouses

For clergy spouses/partners and children there is usually a mix of experience that is both joyful and demanding. On the one hand, spouses and partners may be welcomed and integrated into a community with a sense of belonging and sharing with their partner in a common purpose at the heart of a community, living the joys and sorrows of its people. On the other hand, especially for those living in a church-provided house, the public life of the minister will impact on family life, for example as a lack of privacy or understanding of appropriate boundaries.

Details of our family friendly, and welfare and wellbeing polices are given in the handbook which can be accessed here →, and for those living in Diocesan provided housing you can find details of our policies including what is provided and financed, and how to access repairs and maintenance, here →

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As your Bishops we are committed to your wellbeing and want to ensure that practical and emotional and spiritual support is available for all. Please do not hesitate to be in contact with us or your Archdeacon or Area Dean if you are in need of help or advice. There is also open access for clergy spouses and children to the Diocesan Counselling Service; this is a confidential service which you can directly access yourself:
Details for the Diocesan Counselling Service →

We have also appointed two Bishops’ Visitors whose specific responsibility is to support clergy spouses and partners where a marriage or partnership is breaking down or may be about to do so. We would always encourage you to talk with one of us in such circumstances but also recognise you may want some support before you take this step. If you want to speak in confidence with a Bishops’ Visitor please email ku.gr1718989096o.coi1718989096dsolg1718989096@csd.1718989096sroti1718989096sivsp1718989096ohsib1718989096.

Being a member of a clergy family can indeed be a joy and it can be demanding. Please be assured that you are in our prayers and that the way we care for and support each other across our Diocese is a priority for us.


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