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Wing-walking vicar John HoranThe Revd John Horan takes to the skies. (NB. Wing-walking is not mandatory for clergy)

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The Diocese of Gloucester is looking to offer an exciting and fulfilling internship experience for up to six young people (18-30) who believe God might be calling them to Christian ministry. Intern scheme

Christian Vocations in the Diocese of Gloucester
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All Christians are disciples called to serve wherever they are. Our relationship with God and other Christians helps us to discern God’s call to us where we are now and where we feel God might be nudging us.

Discern with our help

Revd Ann Sargent leads a group of Vocations Advisors who support people, of all ages, across the diocese.  Together they help people discern whether God is calling them to use their gifts to offer a particular ministry within the life of the church.  This might be as a worship leader or pastoral visitor.  They advise out about other possibilities like becoming part of a religious community, or whether a licensed ministry such as that of a Reader, Deacon or Priest might be appropriate to explore.

We continually offer opportunities to start these conversations and explore the thoughts, feelings and wonders about God’s will for your life.  We welcome you to come join us; see details below.

CALLED course

CALLED – but to what? Offered over six monthly sessions this course will help you to know yourself better and to explore what God might be calling you to be and do.  Using the themes of Core gifts, Attractions, Listening, Life Plan, Experience and Discipleship we will consider God’s call for each of us for the whole of our lives. Led by members of the Diocesan Vocations team, at the end of the course you will have the opportunity to meet with one of them and discuss what God might be calling you to be and do.

For more information contact the Revd Pauline Godfrey,

Exploring Christian Vocations Day

This a very useful day for people with a sense that the Holy Spirit is nudging them you to explore new ways of serving God in the church and the world. It is God’s nature to call, ours to respond, engage, question, struggle with and welcome this Godly activity. Through input, discussion and personal reflection, guest speakers and scripture various callings and ministries are explored. Attendees are encouraged to reflect upon their own personal journey of Christian discipleship and to utilise resources for discerning God’s will for their next move. Guests from a variety of ministries, lay and ordained, share their experiences and answer questions.

Explore God’s Call Day Course

This day course helps people explore the call which God has for their lives. That call is seen to be within the context of a relationship with God in all aspects of life – home, work, church and community. For some the exploration will strengthen their confidence to serve in the places where God has already placed them, others may feel God calling them to step into new areas of ministry.


Ministry Experience Scheme

Be part of a Ministry Experience Scheme and live in a small community; exploring and sharing with others in prayer, discipleship and ministry.
Full details on the Ministry Experience page


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