Spiritual Development in Schools

To talk about spirituality in schools may be challenging. Essentially, it is to talk about something which is beyond words. To support schools in their approach to this with pupils, the education team along with the diocesan department for mission and ministry, have worked together to create a simple diocesan language of spirituality.
This language of spirituality begins from the Christian understanding that everyone is a valued creation, individually and uniquely made by God, like pots made by a potter (Isaiah 64:8). Yet in life things happen that impact on the physical ‘pot’ of life and create cracks that provide a glimpse of ‘something’ beyond the tangible. Christians would view this as an opportunity to relate to the Divine Creator God.

  • Cracks may happen when something challenging happens and threatens the comforts of everyday – the ‘ows’ of life.
  • Cracks may be caused when something so good and breath-taking happens that the pot expands causing cracks – the ‘wows’ of life.
  • Cracks can also occur in the stillness and ordinariness of everyday – the ‘nows’ of life, when a moment of stillness, a pause or prayer can create a crack in the normal, physical every day.

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics with golden joinery, makes something broken into something differently beautiful and even more valuable. Using this metaphor, the ows, wows and nows of life offer the possibility of becoming cracks that are filled with gold, adding significance and value to life.
This language of spirituality is being used in many of our family of schools. For further ideas of how this can be developed go to our publishing arm Jumping Fish, see below or contact Debbie Helme, Principal Advisor for School Christian Character.