Livestreaming guidance for church groups

To help cut through the barrage of information online and find a livestreaming solution which will work in a church context, the videos and resources below aim to answer two questions: (1) how do you livestream, and (2) what tools do you use? We speak to three different church leaders about how exactly they livestream their services or groups.


1a. Livestreaming via Facebook or Youtube

In this first video, we hear from The Revd Nick Davies, and Chris Witham:

1b. Livestreaming via Zoom

In this second video, we learn from The Revd Jo Pestell:


2. What Livestreaming tools do you use?

here are the tools and resources referenced in the videos above:

Facebook mobile app: livestream as simply as possible (or for Android here)
Youtube: Live broadcast from laptop/webcam
Zoom: run live meetings online

Larix: Stream from mobile into Youtube etc (or for Android here)
Restream: Distribute your stream to multiple social channels
Mevo: use a Livestream video camera connected to a laptop
Faith Online: fairly straightforward setup using Mevo kit, and can push audio to a phone line
Zoom: broadcast a live zoom meeting/service on Facebook or Youtube
Resound: free worship music
Kapwing: auto-generate subtitles for [non-live] video
Live Transcribe: app to show live subtitles
24-7 Prayer: Register a Prayer Room, for free, here
How to make videos – free course from the Open University

Xsplit Broadcaster: create multi-input content
Mevo: network together multiple Livestream video cameras
Restream: Distribute your stream to multiple social channels
Open Broadcast Software: live-edit multiple camera/powerpoint feeds into one stream
Menti: capture and display group contributions


Broadcasting and licensing copyright

Dispensation: for some special public interest events, churches can broadcast without any license. See this statement from the BBC for example.

Worship music and licensing copyright

Copyright questions around worship music can be a complex matter for churches, below are a few key pieces of advice from various sources:

Advice on livestreaming copyright, from Resound
See also: Latest CofE advice on public worship events


‘Livestreaming’ to Facebook, even without broadband/wifi: