Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) is a group of formal members and consultants all of whom volunteer their time and professional knowledge to assist parishes in looking after and appreciating their church buildings.  From stained glass and sustainability to landscape and liturgy, every aspect is covered and details of all our current members are available in the membership list.  The committee meets roughly every 6 weeks to consider faculty applications and informal proposals, and members regularly attend site visits throughout the diocese.

The committee is assisted by Adam Klups – Care of Churches and DAC Team Leader, Hilary Menendez – Assistant Church Buildings Officer (working Tues – Thurs) and Teresa Hudson – Team Administrator (working hours split across Tues – Thurs)

A calendar of meeting dates and corresponding deadlines is available to download below, along with the DAC’s constitution and a more thorough introduction to the committee’s work.

If you have any queries regarding the DAC, please contact us.

For enquiries regarding closed churches, please contact Kath Hilsden – Senior Church Buildings Officer (Closed Churches and Strategic Church Projects)


Chancellor’s guidance re. petitions for faculties for live streaming

DAC Environmental Policy January 2020

DAC Environmental Policy Guidance Presentation (March 2020)

St Andrews, Chedworth – Heating Case Study (December 2020)

Link to ChurchCare’s Advice and Guidance on Renewable Energy

DAC Membership and Specialisms August 2022

DAC Constitution 2019

DAC – An introduction to our work

DAC Meeting Dates & Deadlines 2023

DAC Meeting Dates & Deadlines 2024

Videos of DAC -related projects: