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“This teaching resource has been a really great way of helping children understand what’s a really difficult and complex subject, and bring it to life for them.”

“It puts it into a more visual context rather than just reading from a textbook.”

“It’s all about connecting all the senses.”

“My favourite was the Hope one [Part of the Experience Advent teaching resource] because I loved how we were asked what we wanted for Christmas but it wasn’t a present we could buy; it was a thought.”

“It’s really good because we went around each station and it really helps you learn because normally all day we sit in the classroom but now we got to see what it’s really like.”

“It took us on a bit of an emotional journey.”

“There was a chance to share our joy with each other and have a lot of fun with each other.”

“It made me feel happy, it’s almost like a new beginning.”

Jumping Fish is the education resource company that works in partnership with the Diocese of Gloucester, producing RE teaching resources for schools and churches.

The publications help with all-age worship, spiritual development, values education, collective worship and church-school links. “It’s been so easy to setup, it’s all there, and the kids are getting so much from it” ~ Rosie of Hartpury CofE Primary School has been using the Experience Easter Outside teaching resource to help children get to grips with some of the deeper messages of the Easter story.

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Jumping Fish Ltd work in partnership with The Diocese of Gloucester, sharing the vision of LIFE from John 10:10 (NIV)