Christian Aid calls for harvest support

Published: Tuesday July 9, 2024
A picture of Nyarai Zirugo
Nyarai Zirugo (photo taken by David Brazier)

Christian Aid is calling for worshipping communities to support its Harvest of Hope during the autumn’s Creationtide and harvest festival celebrations.

Christian Aid is finding sustainable solutions to support those affected by the climate crisis and is encouraging worshipping communities to give, act and pray this harvest.

All kinds of online resources are available to enable supporters to hold church services or harvest suppers. There are download-and-print activity placemats and a recipe for a tagine. You could also organise a church collection – either in-person or digitally, or plan a fundraising challenge.

£60 could pay for sessions which support a family to adapt their farming practice and grow a crop which survives extreme weather, and £100 could be the investment someone needs to start a new climate-resilient farming business.

By contributing, to Christian Aid’s harvest appeal we can help create and sustain long-term projects that make a tangible difference in the lives of families like Nyarai’s.

Nyarai and her family were living hand to mouth after years of drought decimated crops, as the traditional farming practices she used and mastered were proving ineffective against the severe weather events and changing climates.

Determined to improve their living situation, she participated in a Christian Aid-funded program. She learnt how to sustainably harvest many of the wild plants which grow in the hills and forests surrounding her home – some of these improve her family’s nutrition, while others are dried in a special machine, ready for sale at market. With the profits, the family bought goats for their farm, as well as groceries, crockery and blankets. Nyarai also learnt about climate smart agriculture, helping her family to grow a wider range of grains and legumes.

She explained: “One of the main things we got was improved knowledge. We learnt how to put in place measures to prepare for unpredictable situations. We’ve seen our livelihoods, diet and farming methods improve greatly; we are better able to sustain ourselves even when droughts hit, and we have food and economic security.

“Women are becoming more independent and incidences of gender-based violence have been reduced. Working in groups has also brought the community together, helping us learn how to work together. The community has been empowered through knowledge.”

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