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Published: Tuesday July 6, 2021

Toddler Groups Gloucester ChurchesFrom sharing those first unsteady steps, to allowing children to start exploring without a parent or carer, baby and toddler groups provide so much for our children.

Many babies and very young children have not had the chance to meet other children during lockdown, which can mean they’ve not had the chance to learn important skills like sharing and independence.

Alison Davies. Early Years Advisor for Gloucester City Council stresses the vital role that having the chance to socialise plays in family lives. “Some of them were babies born in lockdown and they haven’t seen other children, they’ve just seen their mum and dad.”

Hear the inspiring impact that our toddler groups have on local families and be encouraged, either to continue supporting your local toddler group or to start volunteering for the first time.

Bishop Rachel, a former speech and language therapist, says, “Not being able to interact and relate in all the ways we’re used to has affected speech and language development, emotional and relational interaction. One of the wonderful ways we can really support parents and carers and the tiniest people, is to support our local toddler groups as they get going once again.”

The Revd Jo Wetherall, Growing Faith and Spirituality Officer for our diocese said, “One thing I have really been aware of this year is how much harder I have found it to grow, alone and away from my usual support structures. Community – the people and places we do life with are so important to us; they all combine to provide the ground we need to grow in and the ongoing support we need throughout life.”

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Three quarters of parents of under 5’s, have contact with church through Toddler groups, and of that number, over half of parents and carers explore faith because of this contact. As well as social contact and developmental benefits, toddler groups provide huge potential for spiritual growth.

You can download a fabulous booklet about research into Christian toddler groups below:

CofE: Booklet research into toddler groups
Children youth and families page on this website
Hope Together website Talking Toddlers

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