Litter picking teen raises £2,000

Published: Friday April 16, 2021

Heather litter pickerTeenager Heather Kent from Fairford has cleared 115 bin bags of rubbish from her local area and raised over £2,000 for the Great Western Hospital, in support of Captain Tom Moore.

Heather’s initial goal was to protect wildlife by collecting 100 bin bags of rubbish during Lent. She went out daily in sun, rain and cold throughout Lent.

She was joined in her efforts on Good Friday morning by Pauline Farman, who has litter picked weekly (Coronavirus restrictions and snow allowing) since her retirement, and Heather’s mum, Julie and grandmother, Ann. The four of them collected seven bags of litter together in one morning, including 17 glass bottles, which may have been a danger to wildlife.

old 7 up bottleOne of the glass bottles, pictured left, was an antique which they believe might be

This same team is dedicated to tackling roadside litter and usually meet up several times a year to tackle any particularly litter-strewn areas.

Pauline said, “So often young people are, wrongly, blamed for the litter problem, but Heather is a shining example to us all to play an active part in loving and caring for our environment – God’s wonderful creation.”

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