My vocation: Helkias’s story

Published: Thursday March 22, 2018

Helkias Mapimhidze“I think God calls people to be Plumbers, to be Doctors, to be Nurses, to be Architects, just as much as He calls people to be Ordained.”

We met up with Helkias Mapimhidze in a local cafe to hear his vocation story. Helkias was ordained Curate at Gloucester Cathedral last summer.

He goes on; “God is redeeming the world to Himself. He’s redeeming everything, He’s redeeming our work, He’s redeeming our play, He’s redeeming our family life […] by glorifying God, it’s actually better for us. And I don’t think that’s a lesson I’ve completely learnt, and I will keep on learning until I die. The greatest pleasure that I can get is from glorifying God.” Watch the video below for his full story.


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Hearing God’s call

Have you had that feeling that God is calling you, but you think it can’t be true? Serving God is one of the best things you can do with your life and there are many ways to carry out this calling.

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