School children sitting cross legged on the floor. The Archbishop is speaking at the front.

Live updates from the Big Mission Weekend: St Matthew’s Cainscross

Published: Friday May 24, 2024

We’re sharing live updates from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit to the Diocese of Gloucester during our Big Mission Weekend.

Friday 24 May, collective worship at St Matthew’s School, Cainscross

Archbishop Justin was invited to collective worship at St Matthew’s School, Cainscross.

Headteacher Shelly Collins said, “I would like to say how excited everyone in St Matthew’s School and wider community were to have the Archbishop visit school and take part in our collective worship.

“It has been such a privilege for us to show how the school is making links with the local community, really living out our vision of ‘with love and faith, we aspire and achieve’.

“The Archbishop was so down to earth and clearly enjoyed taking part in the Q&A and spent time speaking to the children during the whole school picnic. This visit has given the school such a buzz, and we will remember Archbishop Justin, his openness and kindness for a very long time.”

The children showed the Archbishop some of their iSingPop worship song actions and asked him some of their questions. Here are some of our favourites.

What was your first job?

Packing peas in a pea factory!

Are you friends with the King?

I do spend time with the King who is a very nice man.

Did you chat to the King after the Coronation?

10 days ago we met at Windsor and the King gave me a gift as a thank you for the coronation.

Who made you want to become a priest?

I used to smuggle Bibles abroad in a campervan and one of the priests I did that with was an inspiration.

Were you a Christian at school?

I found Jesus when I was 19.

The children have been discovering what the word mission means for them this year. They have been considering who their neighbour is and have been thinking about how they can support their local communities and this collective worship was the closing element of the term’s thinking on this topic.

The children shared their learning about charities such as WWT and Barnados as well as local charities like The Grace Network and Mercy in Action.

They then considered what their next steps will be as they continue this journey of mission.

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