Live updates from the Big Mission Weekend: Strength in faith- Rosalind’s journey through grief

Published: Tuesday May 21, 2024

The Revd David Treharne with RosalindWhen Rosalind’s husband Chris died leaving her with one-year-old triplets, Rosalind discovered the power of Christian hope in times of great grief.

Rosalind and Chris desperately wanted children but after struggling to conceive naturally, opted for IVF. Their chosen method had a poor chance of success, but importantly for them, it meant that every embryo created would be implanted and treasured.

The couple were delighted when they found that they were expecting three babies and felt that this was a welcome answer to their prayers.

Rosalind gave birth to triplet daughters, Rose, Miriam and Ruth. But the initial joy turned quickly to sorrow. Chris had been struggling with severe mental health issues and eventually died by suicide when the girls were just one year old.

Rosalind was left to navigate the overwhelming grief and the immense responsibility of raising three young children alone.

“The day he died, I prayed with Chris’ mother,” she said. “We used the words of the hymn ‘Great is thy faithfulness’. My sister then messaged me the same verse that we had been praying with. I had a very strong sense of God’s presence. I felt so encouraged because I knew He was with us.”

Already a committed Christian, Rosalind found fresh solace and strength in her faith and in her church community in Tidenham.

Her and Chris’ family rallied round to support her and the girls through this dark time and to babysit so that Rosalind could find the comfort that she needed from her faith with her church community. The worshipping community continued to surround the family with huge support and love.

“Our church family made a big difference to us”, she said. “They helped in so many ways, from taking the girls out in the pram, to helping to bathe them, and providing us with cooked meals. They ensured that Chris’ funeral was really special. Their help extended for years afterwards.

“It’s rare to have that kind of community around you. To have support that’s sacrificial and ongoing, it’s like having a large family around you.”

Seven years later, Rosalind has remarried and the triplets, now 8, have been adopted by her husband Matt.

Rosalind said:  “A huge part of coping with my grief was understanding what it means to have Christian hope. Understanding that we have the hope of resurrection and eternal life is a huge comfort.”

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth 
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide 
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow 
Blessings all mine with 10, 000 beside’

– Great is thy faithfulness

Rosalind spoke about her story on Sunday 26 May in Tidenham, during the morning service with the Archbishop of Canterbury.


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