Journey through Lent with The Clewer Initiative

Published: Monday February 13, 2023

Becca Faal This Lent, The Clewer Initiative* invites you to join them in reflecting on some of the parallels between Jesus’ final journey and the suffering of many victims of modern slavery.

Based on the ‘Stations of the Cross’, the Journeys course takes you through five mini films and an accompanying devotional resource, where churches and individuals are challenged to take action against modern slavery and not be a bystander.

The short films include haunting survivor stories, dramatised by actors, and compelling interviews with church members, experts and community leaders who have done significant anti-slavery work.

Becca Faal and Bill Crooks, from the Diocese, are featured heavily in the films. Becca speaks about the importance of safeguarding while Bill shares some of his experience working in communities to build community resilience and also using art amongst refugees and vulnerable people in Italy and the UK.

As part of the devotional, Bill has created 30 powerful images, portraying the traditional stations of the cross and the journey of modern slavery victims, which churches can use in the lead up to Easter and beyond.

Journeys is an ideal Lent course for use by groups or individuals, online or in person. Visit: The Clewer Initiative | Journeys

For other Lent 2023 resources from in and around the Diocese, visit:

Watch the Journeys trailer:

* The Clewer Initiative is the national work of the Church of England to combat modern slavery.

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