Wild and Wonderful goes live

Published: Monday February 14, 2022

Petra with a boy, dressed in outdoor clothes, looking into a fine net. The boy is looking at an identification booklet and Petra has a bug on her handPetra Crofton, environmentalist, author and childrens worker from Barnwood, Gloucester, has launched a new set of resources to help children and young people learn about science and the natural world, at the same time as exploring their faith.

The resource, called Wild and Wonderful, is made up of 16 sessions about creation care and science. It is available to download for free from www.wildandwonderful.uk 

Petra said, “I have always loved science, nature and God. I grew up and studied biology and also philosophy in the Netherlands (I am 46), but often felt different from others. At the time, most Christians didn’t consider creation care to be important and felt they couldn’t take science that explored the Big Bang and evolution seriously. And fellow science students were surprised that I still believed in God!

“Things have changed and I now go into schools to talk to children about wildlife, the climate, creation care, and how the Bible and science complement each other. I have written a children’s adventure novel about caring for the planet (Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook – Lion Hudson), and adapted and translated its prequel (Science Geek Sam and his Secret Logbook), about science and faith.

“I volunteer at our church, St Lawrence Barnwood, where my husband is the vicar. I run monthly sessions about creation care, science and faith for young people and families. We offer outdoor explore trails, crafts and games and share stories from the Bible.”

“Since I was very young, I have relied on God’s guidance and encouragement, especially during my daily quiet time. Without Him I wouldn’t have pursued this; there have been many challenges on the way. Currently, I am feeling very encouraged. I have loved working with A Rocha on and off since 1998, in different capacities, including for this project. And the very generous grant and support from Scientists in Congregations (ECLAS) has been vital too. I am very grateful!”

Take a look at some of the Explore Creation sessions she has been running at St Laurence, Barnwood.


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