Get your church’s 2020 carbon footprint here

Published: Tuesday August 17, 2021

A lightbulb in the darkDo you know how efficient your church is? We’d love to help you find out.

The handy Energy Footprint Tool from the national Church will analyse your church’s carbon footprint and suggest some easy wins to help you reduce emissions in the coming year. The 2020 entries will close at the end of August, so now’s the time to get it done.

You’ll get a score for efficiency based on building size and another for efficiency based on congregation size (a per person, per hour score). There will be some suggestions for changes you can make to reduce your emissions for the coming year.

It’s free to use and is a really good baseline for the changes we need to make in order to care for both nature itself and future generations. It can also help your church to work towards an Eco Church Award. The diocesan Environment Group will be using the data to help inform our next steps as we seek to achieve a greener future.

So grab your 2020 energy bills and head over to the Parish Returns Hub. We recognise that 2020 will be an unusual year due to the number of church closures.

If you feel you need a bit of extra help, try this video from the Diocese of Manchester that gives you a rundown of the information you’ll need to complete the survey.

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