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Published: Thursday March 1, 2018

(Check our events for upcoming events)In the workplace, we’re called to be a model of Christ to others. A moulder of culture; someone who tries to make things better for others. We do bring church activities to Christ, but it’s rarer to value our daily work as a vital part of God’s calling on our lives.

One teacher said, “I teach Sunday School for 45 minutes per week and they haul me up to the front of the church to pray for me. But I teach in a school for 40 hours per week, and my church has never prayed for that part of my life.”

How can we see the bigger picture of God’s call for us in the workplace? How can we equip others to live out discipleship in their place of work? Let’s learn together to envision and equip our church members for their everyday working context: LICC is running a course on 17th March in Cheltenham, aiming to do just that: details via the link below.
(Check our events for upcoming events)

‘What faith means to me as a scaffolder’

Gary runs a family scaffolding business… take a look at what his Christian faith means to him at work. Do you have people like Gary in your church? Come along to (Check our events for upcoming events) and find out how to envision and equip them for their workplace frontline.

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Work | The Bigger Picture

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LICC is running a course on 17th March in Cheltenham:
(Check our events for upcoming events)

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