Celebrations in our partner Diocese of Dornakal

Published: Tuesday June 25, 2024
Bishop Padma Rao and Vijaya with the dove of peace
Bishop Padma Rao and Vijaya with the dove of peace

The Diocese of Gloucester sends congratulations to Bishop Padma Rao Kodirekka, Bishop of Dornakal in India as he celebrates his third anniversary as bishop.

The milestone was celebrated at the Epiphany Cathedral in Dornakal, where Bishop Padma Rao, his wife, and their family enjoyed a day of traditional dancing, music, and worship. The cathedral was filled to capacity with people and pastors from across the Diocese of Dornakal.

Bishop Padma Rao and a delegation from Dornakal will be visiting Gloucester this autumn, continuing our dioceses’ partnership established 13 years ago by Bishop Rajarathnam and Bishop Michael.

This visit, scheduled from 9 to 16 September, will be an opportunity for our guests to engage with various community projects, churches, and schools.

The visiting delegation will include:

  • Bishop Padma Rao Kodirekka
  • The Revd Vijaya Kodirekka
  • The Revd Abhijith Bhimala, the Diocesan Link Officer with Gloucester
  • Arun Kumar, Lead Teacher of the DDEM School (Dornakal Diocesan English Medium School)
  • Two students, Reethu Rakshana and Shanthi Priya

During their stay, the group will visit Bishop Rachel and the King’s School as well as worshipping at Gloucester Cathedral on Sunday, 15 September.

Penny Fayter, the Link Officer in the Diocese of Gloucester with the Diocese of Dornakal, said, “We look forward to welcoming our friends from Dornakal and sharing our cultures and faith. Let us keep Bishop Padma Rao and the entire delegation in our prayers as they prepare for their journey to Gloucester.”


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