Andy’s dedication to safeguarding training

Published: Friday June 28, 2024

Andrew Hall smiling This month, we’re celebrating some of our amazing safeguarding volunteers. Andrew Hall, a professional trainer with 14 years of self-employed experience in health and safety training, has recently channelled his expertise into a new mission: supporting the church with safeguarding training. Now semi-retired and ordained as a priest and deacon since 2014, Andy has become an important member of the church safeguarding team.

In his professional life, Andy had been delivering health and safety training across the country, so when a call came last year from the diocesan safeguarding team for volunteers, he knew his skills were a good match.

“I felt that the skills that I have acquired over the years to support training would make me a helpful member of the church safeguarding team,” Andy explained. “I can directly apply the work that I have done over the past 14 years as it’s very related to what I used to do. The principle elements of health and safety training were to teach people how to recognise and understand ways to keep themselves safe in the workplace, and the importance of complying with health and safety legislation. I’ve been able to apply this background to the safeguarding training I teach.”

Andy’s current focus is on providing basic foundation training for church members who wish to become safeguarding trainers themselves. He aims to combat the common perception that such training can be dull and uninteresting. “Some people are quite reluctant to complete the training because they think it’s boring,” Andy noted, emphasising his efforts to make the sessions both relevant and impactful.

Beyond the importance and relevance safeguarding in all aspects of everyday life, Andy underscores its vital role within the faith community.

“As a church and as a faith community, it’s so important to look after those we come into contact with. There is always a relevance to safeguarding in all church roles, even roles like flower arranging.

Safeguarding can be applied by hearing what others are saying and whether it’s something that might need to be raised with the safeguarding team for their protection.”

Reflecting on past issues where safeguarding was neglected, Andy reinforces the necessity of thorough training. “When you look at some of the issues that have happened in the past, where safeguarding wasn’t implemented, you can see why it is some important to be training in safeguarding.”

Becca Faal, Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor said, “Andy’s voluntary work to train others in safeguarding is integral to our team and hugely appreciated. He’s a skilled trainer and a brilliant colleague, so we’d love to take the chance to say a massive thank you.”

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