Sportily brings community together at Christmas event

Published: Friday January 13, 2023

Child looking at a camp fireChristmas is a time for community, and this was really felt in the Forest of Dean as Sportily hosted a rustic, family-focused campfire and carols event with lots of marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Sportily’s work over the last year meant that they were able to host over 50 people they’ve connected with through their work in local schools, toddler groups, community groups, sports sessions and holiday clubs.

“Our kids get so bored by a normal carol service, they were captivated by this,” shared one attendee.

It was held at the Christian Adventure Centre Viney Hill with family favourite songs, new and old sung into the evening.

“As a minister, it was nice to be able to attend a Christmas service that I could just be and attend,” shared another.

The intimate event even featured an appearance from a professional music artist which was a treat for everyone who attended.

Sportily wanted to say a huge thank you to the local clergy, staff from Viney Hill, and the volunteers from local churches and the Sportily team for making the event such a success.

To find out more and book any of the sessions, head to the Sportily website. They’ve just announced their TRAC February half-term battle sports event which is a county-wide day of fun and faith, not to be missed.

You can also now connect with them in local Facebook groups to keep up to date with what Team Sportily are doing in your area. Find the link to the Facebook groups on your local page on the Sportily website.

To receive their supporters’ news, sign up to the mailing list here: Join The Team | Sportily

As a Christian faith-based charity, they rely on generous individuals whose donations enable them to run our sports and activity clubs, camps and communities. You can donate to support: Join The Team | Sportily or download their Please Support Sportily flyer.



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