Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: Grants towards the VAT – New website

Published: Wednesday July 5, 2023

The Listed Places of Worship Grant SchemeA person sitting at the top of a ladder making repairs to masonry makes grants towards the VAT incurred in making repairs and carrying out alterations to listed buildings mainly used for public worship.

The Scheme has undergone a digital transformation with the development of a new website and application portal.

The new website makes it easier to navigate and find the information – from scheme eligibility to application guidance. The website sits on the domain, providing reassurance this is an official and trusted website.

The new application portal will enable applicants to apply online. This will follow the same familiar format as the PDF form, but will be easier to process than downloading and completing a physical document. The option to use the old PDF will remain, but the application portal is planned to be more efficient – with all the information and attachments uploaded and submitted in one place.

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