‘Excellent’ SIAMS report for Clearwater C of E Primary Academy

Published: Monday March 20, 2023

Kate Moss with pupils from Clearwater CofE school

A primary academy in Quedgeley has been praised for its highly effective Christian leadership and offering an engaging curriculum through which all its pupils can flourish.

Clearwater C of E Primary Academy is celebrating achieving ‘excellent’ marks following its first SIAMS inspection.

As well as the regular Ofsted inspection, all Church of England schools receive a Section 48 Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection which seeks to answer just one question: ‘How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?’

Clearwater C of E Primary Academy is a member of the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust (DGAT) and has 189 pupils. Following the inspection, held in January 2023, the report praises the school’s leadership, collective worship and teaching, stating, ‘Clearwater is an excellent Church school. From small beginnings, through some challenging times, the Christian vision has united and inspired the school community. Highly effective Christian leadership at all levels is guiding this growing school, ensuring ongoing flourishing for all.’

‘Pupils make excellent progress. Their work is of the highest standard.’

Of the school’s teaching, the report states: ‘The RE leader guides teachers with planning and assessment, ensuring lessons are delivered with rigor and confidence. Regular access to the diocese, local networks and training ensures that current developments are reflected in effective classroom practice. … The curriculum is rich, engaging and promotes deep thinking and reflection.’

Jo Grills, Chair of Governors, says, “As governors, we are proud of our school’s Christian vision. It is a golden thread which runs through all our planning, ensuring we serve the needs of all members of our community.”

Kate Moss, Headteacher, says, “Our Christian vision is pivotal to all we achieve as a school. Warm, caring relationships are at the heart of life here with a commitment that everyone will flourish. The children, parents, staff and governors really do ‘live out’ our school’s values, through the kindness they show to one another, the focus and hard work applied to learning and the children’s own belief that they really can effect positive change in the world. We are delighted that our wonderful school community has been recognised in our first SIAMS inspection report.”

A pupil says, “Even though we’re a Christian school, we look at other religions in RE. Not all of us are Christians, we have such a mix in school and it helps us to understand other people, which is really good. It helps us to show our values, such as respect. It helps us to show compassion in the right way, like helping and encouraging people.”

Another pupil adds, “A few friends are from different religions, so you can tell each other what you know about different religions. We do some special Collective Worship like when Mr Rae, Open the Book Team or the Worship Team come in and tell stories. It makes me think. It makes me think about being different. I try to do something good.”

Canon Rachel Howie, CEO of the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust (DGAT) said, “This SIAMS report captures the essence of Clearwater CofE Primary Academy and I am delighted that the inspector was able to see what the staff and governors have worked hard to create. It is an exceptional school and all that is in the report is lives day in and day out. I am bursting with pride for the children, staff and governors.”

The full report, along with the reports for all Church of England schools in the Diocese of Gloucester, can be read here: SIAMS Inspections Published Reports – Diocese of Gloucester (anglican.org) 

Congratulations to all the schools across the Diocese of Gloucester that have been inspected under the SIAMS schedule so far this year.

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