Sportily: TRAC Battle Sports

Published: Monday May 16, 2022

A man throws a hula hoop across a field while other people play around him30 young people joined a Sportily team at TRAC Battle Sports in Newent, to play outdoor laser quest, race Go-karts, play sports and games, sing worship songs and hear testimonies of what having a ‘higher love’ means for Christians.

Nathan Youlton; Sport and Faith Leader said, “One young person shared with one of the leaders whilst going to an activity, that they really wanted to explore faith more than they ever had. Another young person, who is usually uninterested in faith, was at the front with Nathan jumping around singing worship songs during the club time gathering.

“During the evening meeting, we lay on the floor, eyes closed and immersed ourselves in encountering the loving Lord. It was a real ‘kairos’ moment, where we could feel the opening of hearts to what was being shared, no one was distracted, and the Holy Spirit was present in the room.

“Other big encouragements included the way the group of 30 came together as a team increasingly throughout the day. What started as a timid collection of young people, became a rabble of excitable and energetic friends.”

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