Why complete a Mental Health First Aid course?

Published: Monday May 16, 2022

A man sitting at a table crochetingJenny Fry talks about the Mental Health First Aid Course and the impact it has had on her everyday life.

Jenny is based at Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing, a retreat centre three miles from Cirencester.

The Centre provides a safe haven offering rest, refreshment and the healing love of God to all who need support and encouragement.

Jenny shares how the course has impacted her ministry, setting up a cafe space at the retreat centre.

“Since completing the Mental Health First Aid Course I am reminded of how important it is to remember that every individual who attends the Dwelling Place Cafe has a different sized stress container, whilst recalling the importance of my own stress container to enable me to facilitate the group well.

“Some individuals need a quiet and peaceful space to create and express themselves through their chosen art form, whilst others need to be heard, listened to, and seen.  Through talking they are unwinding their feelings, current highs and lows and hearing themselves also whilst talking.

“The fact that I am not able to ‘solve’ or ‘fix’ anyone through my responses brings freedom by knowing my job is simply to listen in a non – judgemental capacity and to signpost individuals if needed.  Building a trusted and safe informal environment where those of all backgrounds and age groups can be heard, appreciated, and encouraged has been key to this new venture.

The MHFA course input has strengthened and given me the confidence to facilitate the group knowing support is there.”

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