Siblings organise fundraiser at St Barnabas Church

Published: Tuesday August 16, 2022

Children at the cake stall for Myeloma UKOn Sunday, 14 August, St Barnabas Church, hosted a fundraiser in aid of Myeloma UK.

Matt Earl, a member of the worshipping community at St Barnabas, says, “In May this year, my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare and difficult to detect blood cancer that degrades his bone structure and renders him extremely fragile. While he is currently undergoing chemotherapy to prolong his quality of life, the cancer is incurable but treatable. Grace, my 8-year-old daughter, decided to raise money for Myeloma UK to support her grandad and earn her charity badge for 7th St Barnabas Brownies.”

Grace has coordinated all the planning around the event and after writing to the charity she received leaflets, t-shirts and other marketing material to help with the fundraising.

“She also wrote to Jane’s Pantry for takeaway boxes and to the Revd Sarah Todd at St Barnabas to arrange the sale in church and ensure it was included in the weekly news sheets.”

Grace and her brother Thomas (13) then set about baking and selling cakes and sharing information about the charity.

Matt says, “Along with the donations, online support and other contributions received, we have made an astounding £486 which will go to Myeloma UK, who support families and sufferers of multiple myeloma and continually undertake research and trials to find a cure for this cancer. We are hugely proud of Grace and Thomas, and grateful for the support and generosity of the community.”

Grace’s grandad, Robin, also adds, “I’m so proud and humbled by the efforts of everyone involved to make the event a success, especially that of my wonderful grandchildren, Grace and Thomas.”

You can find out more about the charity Myeloma UK here.

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