Field Court Infants plot against plastic pollution

Published: Monday March 28, 2022

A group of children holding letters next to the letter boxChildren in year 2 at Field Court Infant Academy have been learning all about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans as part of their topic “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

They wanted to make a difference in the world and spent a lot of time researching plastic pollution, to find out the best ways to tackle it in their local community.

It’s part of the #thinkpraydotogether initiative, which encourages school communities to take action on things that really matter in the world.

The children read a book called ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’ which inspired them to make their own floating jellyfish. They wanted to think about how they could prevent any more plastic getting into the seas where it could harm wildlife.


Two boys look at a white seahorse in an aquarium tankThey visited Bristol Aquarium to explore sea creatures, their ocean habitats and the impact of plastic pollution.

A trip to their local branch of Tesco helped them to explore what the supermarket chain is doing to Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in store.

An image with words: Words read We found out that recycling was taking place in the school. For example Mrs Biscoe showed us her paper recycling bag. There were recyling bins in the staff room and clothes recycling bins outside. However, not all year 2 classrooms had a recycling binThe Eco Team carried out a recycling survey in school. The children wrote letters to their headteacher Mr Osborne, asking him to attend a meeting in the hall and they discussed how the school could improve recycling.

Mr Osborne suggested that the children wrote home to their parents and carers to encourage them to recycle more and spread the word about why recycling is so important.

They posted their letters in the postbox and are looking forward to their families opening them in a couple of days’ time!

A group of children and an adult sitting around a table at the front of the school hall. Other children sitting in rows watch an image of a turtle and a plastic bag on a projector screen A group of children standing in Tescos with a woman in a facemask demonstrating reusable veggie bags Children pouring blue liquid into a plastic bottle over a sink

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