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Published: Friday November 26, 2021

Our World: Think Pray Do Together (logo)The Education Team at the Diocese of Gloucester is inviting schools, alongside families and worshipping communities, to consider what can be done to help our world, using the simple method


#Think Pray Do Together


Climate change is high on the agenda at the moment, and our children and schools are particularly concerned about caring for the planet.  Now is the time to take action to help those already suffering the effects of climate change, and care for the whole of creation. This simple way will help you to take action, together, across our worshipping communities.

For all you governors, parents, grandparents, Readers, Open the Book teams, priests, toddler group leaders, those who hold our children and schools in prayer… here’s how it works.



Ideas and solutions may not readily come to mind, and this is where the opportunity to take some time to think and find out more about an issue that you care about comes in. You could contact others who have the same interest to help you make things happen.

  • What would you like to see changed in our world?
  • How could we improve our world?
  • Do some research and find out more.
  • What do your friends, family and other people think about this issue?



Spending some time praying or reflecting by yourself or with others can help to work out how you can make a difference. Asking God to show you the next steps or to provide you with opportunities to get going with your idea can really help.

  • Try asking God about your idea.
  • Invite others to pray with you too.
  • Ask God to show you opportunities to make a difference.



By taking action, however small or big – you can start to make that difference. Getting others involved to help you or raising awareness about your issue can increase the change you can make. If you want some ideas to get you started we have some on our website.

  • Decide on your plan – what are you going to do
  • Become an expert so that you can inform others.
  • Communicate your message.
  • Review what you have done and think about what next.



Send your stories of how #Think Pray Do Together is working in your local context so that we can share them and inspire others. Tweet @glosdioc or @glosdiocschools or email in your stories and pictures (making sure you have permission to share them) to ku.gr1719175979o.coi1719175979dsolg1719175979@pmal1719175979ck1719175979



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