Diocesan mission discounts on Real Easter Eggs

Published: Tuesday March 8, 2022

Image of the Real Easter EggThe Meaningful Chocolate Company has issued £6,000 worth of diocesan mission discount codes for use by parishes in the Church of England.

The allocation for this diocese gives up to 30 parishes a reduction of £5 when buying Real Easter Eggs plus free delivery.

The Real Easter Egg is a unique way to share the Easter story as it comes with a 24-page Easter storybook, is made from Fairtrade chocolate and supports charitable projects. The Real Easter Egg is not available in any supermarket.

To use the mission discount code you must buy 3 cases (18 eggs) of Original Real Easter Eggs before the end of March, orders must be made at www.realeasteregg.co.uk using the following diocesan mission code at checkout:   mis15glr


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