“Table Talk for Change”, how do we recover?

Published: Monday April 5, 2021

Table Talk for Following any significant trauma or event, whether that’s a global pandemic or something closer to home, there’s a need to recover well. But, how do we do that?

In a few weeks, or months, we’ll be able to meet up and talk again. There’s going to be so much that we’ll all need to work through together – and so many people who may be open to thinking about big questions in a new way.

Rather than rush into the ‘new normal’ and firmly shut the door on what has gone before, it’s important to take time to reflect on what we’ve been through, acknowledge how we’re feeling and look to what’s ahead.

The Ugly Duckling Company is launching Table Talk for Change, which provides the opportunity to talk about the past, present and future.

 Table Talk for Change is a ‘Mini’ game: one set of 18 question cards. This game is currently available for pre-order, we are planning to ship orders by mid-April.

Whilst these questions are not focused specifically on COVID-19, the Ugly Duckling Company has tried to make this as useful as possible right now. So when you order a set, you will get instant access to an online version of the game.

It’s available to pre-order now for £4 from https://uglyducklingresources.org/products/table-talk-for-change


One thought on ““Table Talk for Change”, how do we recover?

  1. Thanks for this and I’ve ordered it. Clearly everyone is hoping to emerge from the pandemic and restrictions but I wonder when? The latest plan for 112 million lateral flow tests every week in England sounds crazy. Whatever is Boris trying to achieve here? If it’s zero deaths from C-19 (?) this is unattainable, will distract the NHS from other priorities and plunge the UK into even greater debt.

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