Could you help someone follow God’s call?

Published: Wednesday May 12, 2021

We’re looking for people who could sponsor one of the young men and women in our link Diocese of Western Tanganyika (DWT) in Tanzania to train at Bible College.

Lots of intelligent and talented people are unable to follow God’s call to ministry in Tanzania, as they come from rural areas where their communities are unable to pay for their training at the Bible College.

Eliazary is one of these young people. He was brought up in the rural village of Kabanga, in DWT. He was bright at school but like the majority of children in Tanzania had only primary education, leaving school at 13 to work on the family land. He was an active member of his village church,  where his committed faith and leadership skills were recognised. In his twenties he felt God’s call to ordination, but neither his family nor his church were able to pay the – very modest – fee for him to attend Bible college.”

Through the diocesan sponsorship scheme, David and Sue from Tewkesbury, were able to pay his fees and enable him to follow God’s call.

Eliazary is now a priest in the Diocese and is married to Dorcas.  In 2018 David had the opportunity to visit Tanzania and meet Eliazary and his parents.

Eliazary and his parents with sponsor David

Eliazary’s father said, “Without your help my son would not have received his education to serve God as a priest.”

David said, “It is truly amazing that for just over £5 a week, we were able to support Eliazary through Bible College: and we are currently on our third student.”

Individuals and church groups in the Diocese of Gloucester currently sponsor 23 students at the DWT Bible College, all training for ordained or full time lay ministry.

Sponsorship costs £270 per year, paid six monthly and is usually for the three years of study. Sponsors are able to exchange letters and photos with the students they sponsor, they get regular updates about college life and commit to pray for each other.

If you feel able to help someone to train for ministry and serve the Church of Tanzania, please get in touch with the Revd Helen Sammon on moc.l1719131441iamg@1719131441nomma1719131441s.nel1719131441eh1719131441 01452 341688.

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