Allotments, gardening and community composting

Published: Tuesday May 4, 2021

If you’re interested in community gardening and how you and your church can care for your local green or wild places, why not join the Gloucestershire Churches Environmental Justice Network (GCEJN) for its next meeting.

They will be visiting the Chestergate Allotments at Bisley under the guidance of keen gardener and writer Sue Bradley and the allotment warden Lesley Greene.

Topics will include

  • how to go about planting trees
  • having a diversity of allotments
  • managing allotments eg. Charity Trustees, Parish Council taking the rent
  • caring for a community orchard eg. apples, plums, pears…
  • establishing wildlife-friendly hedges with blackberries etc
  • encouraging wildflower meadows
  • setting up and managing a community composting scheme
  • option of visiting Bisley parish church which has an interesting churchyard from a wildlife point of view.

GCEJN meets monthly in person or online to encourage reflection and action on caring for creation (especially in relation to a just and fair world) among Gloucestershire Christians.

Please get in touch with Arthur Champion on moc.l1701427817iamg@1701427817ruhtr1701427817anoip1701427817mahc1701427817 to find out more and get details for registration.

To find out more about GCEJN visit

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