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Published: Tuesday May 18, 2021

Has someone made a  difference in your life through their generous actions during the Covid-19 pandemic? We’d love you to give them a huge thank you for all they have done.

As followers of Jesus Christ we can be catalysts for thankfulness in our local contexts. Saying thank you to a friend, a neighbour, a teacher, a community group or our keyworkers can help change the narrative of the pandemic from one of loss, to one of hope.

To support communities to express their gratefulness, we have produced Thank You postcards, posters and social media images  so we can show our appreciation to all those who have helped throughout the pandemic across the Diocese of Gloucester. This also links to a national ‘Thank You Day’ on Sunday 4 July.

We’re delighted to share that over 1,000 postcards have already been ordered in the first week – all those messages of thankfulness will be brightening days across the Diocese of Gloucester and beyond.

You might want to give postcards to children in your local school; you could create a wall of thankfulness in your church or your local shop or library; you could give everyone in your worshipping community a Thank You postcard and one extra, so they can ‘pay the thankfulness forward’.

These diocesan cards will enable each individual Thank You to be seen as part of something larger and connected, which stems from our rootedness in the love and hope of Jesus Christ, with the possibility that givers and receivers of cards might glimpse something of that.

Please visit our Thank You page to find all the FREE reosurces to download and to also order hard copies for free.

If you have a great story to tell about how someone has helped or cared for you, we’d love to hear about it. Contact Lucy Taylor on ku.gr1695420819o.coi1695420819dsolg1695420819@roly1695420819atl1695420819 to tell us about it so that we can share the good news across the Diocese.

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