Bishop Rachel speaks in the House of Lords

Published: Thursday January 9, 2020

Today in the House of Lords, Bishop Rachel has highlighted problems faced by children, families and vulnerable women, and has called for early investment and effective partnerships. She said, “Experiences we have at an early age shape who we are; this is about present wellbeing and its future impact.”

Referring to various agencies who, with sufficient funding, can provide tested solutions to otherwise hugely increasing problems, she says, “The Nelson Trust estimates that 78% of women who present at their women’s centres have experienced four or more ACEs [‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’, such as abuse] […] Children who are under achieving in all early-years measures at five, are three times more likely to have social care involvement at nine. Thus there is an ever-growing demand for statutory services, and the national cost of intervention that comes too late is huge.”

Watch her full speech online, below:

2 thoughts on “Bishop Rachel speaks in the House of Lords

  1. Excellent speech! Well Done , I hope someone takes notice @ listens! Linda Weller

  2. Thank you . I do hope it does not fall on deaf ears! Well worth saying \well Done

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