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Published: Friday January 10, 2020

For the first time ever the Diocese of Gloucester is organising a youth forum with young people from across the world visiting our diocese for over 10 days. This forum ties in with the Lambeth Conference and is an opportunity for young people to come together and learn about different cultures and have fun!

It takes place from 18th – 29th July 2020 and will include small teams of young people from our partner dioceses – Dornakal, Karnataka Central (both India), Western Tanganyika (Tanzania), El Camino Real (USA) and Vasteras (Sweden).

We are looking for young people from across our diocese to be part of this incredible opportunity.

The theme of the residential will be ‘Liedentity’.  This campaign raises awareness of the fact that many young people are sourcing their identities from social media and advertising, and in the process losing their self-esteem. Bishop Rachel who heads up the campaign said. “I long for every young person to discover their worth as a unique individual created in the image of God and to find happiness as they go on becoming who they have been created to be.

“We are bombarded with messages of what the ‘perfect body image’ is, and for many this undermines true identity. We know that for these young people having negative thoughts about how they look can impact on their entire life, causing deep unhappiness and contributing to poor mental health.”

This theme gives the participants an opportunity to explore their own identity and discover how different countries and cultures affect their peers self-esteem and confidence.

Do you know of any young people aged between 16 and 22 who might like to be part of this special experience? For more information and a booking form you can visit our Youth Forum page.

For an informal chat you can contact David Bowers on moc.t1696019076enret1696019076nitb@1696019076srewo1696019076bd1696019076 or Gary Grady on moc1696019076.tenr1696019076etnit1696019076b@yda1696019076rgyra1696019076g1696019076

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