Kate Bottley is joining churches to tackle food poverty with Pancake Parties

Published: Wednesday February 7, 2018

Kate BottleyYou can help tackle food poverty by taking part in a Big Pancake Party to raise money for the Church Urban Fund’s Together Network.

Kate Bottley said “I want as many people as possible across the country to hold a Big Pancake Party this Shrove Tuesday or sometime next week. Whether it’s in your church, school, home, workplace or community hall ‐ no matter how big or small ‐ the money you raise for the Together Network will make a difference and transform lives across the country.

“Everyone’s heard about the growing numbers of people in the UK going hungry, adults and children missing out on meals and using food banks. This is your chance to stand up and do something about it.

“Pancakes are amazing …. we should eat more of them! Bring your friends and family together, eat lots of pancakes, have loads of fun and raise money for the Together Network!”

The Together Network operates through Church of England diocese across the country to work with local communities to help them meet local needs. The programme works to provide solutions that suit individual communities, using the skills and assets that people in the communities bring.

Communities in England are using support from the Together Network to tackle food poverty through projects including holiday clubs, community fridges, and workers who are hired to work specifically on food poverty.

Research from Church Urban Fund shows that 1 in 50 British adults used a foodbank in 2016 and that 1 in 20 went without meals as they could not afford to eat.

Last year saw over 300 Big Pancake Parties take place in churches, homes, and cathedrals across the country. Ely and Worcester cathedrals took part, challenging clergy to compete in pancake races.

Jon Miles, Director of the Together Network said,

“We’ve seen food poverty soar up our national agenda in recent years and it was a huge inspiration for us to see so many people host a Big Pancake Party last year to bring an end to hunger in this country.

“We want to see that number of people standing up to food poverty grow even more this year. Food poverty is a serious issue, but the Big Pancake Party is a way to bring whole families together to make a difference.”

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