Church achieves award for eco-work

Published: Friday December 7, 2018

snowdropsSt Lawrence’s Church, Lechlade has earned an Eco Church Bronze Award. The award is given by Christian charity A Rocha.

The church has started sharing eco-tips in its newsletters, having prayers and sermons with an eco agenda and working towards sustainable energy.

The church office used recycled paper, is moving to LED bulbs and tries to stick to Fairtrade refreshments.

The Revd David Bainbridge said, “The challenge  to care for God’s creation is enormous and urgent – if we do nothing, then our children and grandchildren will ask why.  We must do our part to reduce global warming, to care for threatened wild-life species, and to limit our society’s exploitation of limited resources.

“There is a long way to go – but we are so encouraged to have reached Bronze Award level. Our small “Eco Church Steering Group” will work hard to achieve the Silver Award as the next target.”

The Diocese of Gloucester is working towards becoming an Eco Diocese. For more information about the A Rocha awards, visit

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