Bishop Rachel talks on female leadership and the #metoo movement

Published: Tuesday May 29, 2018

Bishop Rachel female leadershipWe recently spent a few minutes with Bishop Rachel, discussing some of the challenges of female leadership; where her confidence comes from, and how she responds to things like the #metoo movement.

Talking about opposition to her own leadership she said, “…in lots of situations it wasn’t that men were putting me down, but I felt almost apologetic for being there!”. She goes on “God’s made men and women, boys and girls in the image of God. If the motivation in my heart is about saying actually I’m passionate that we’re equal, then I will speak out.”

In the short video below, we discuss the topics of gender justice, boldness, the #metoo movement and living God’s calling.


At the Liedentity Conference earlier this year, Bishop Rachel spoke on the theology behind some of the human flourishing topics that were at the heart of the Liedentity campaign. In the Q&A that followed, she spoke in some depth about the topics covered in this video; her own confidence, some of the challenges of female leadership, and some of the biblical passages that have meant a lot to her.

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