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Published: Tuesday June 11, 2024

The priests gather before the serviceEvery summer the Church of England celebrates the ordination of new deacons and priests. This newest generation of clergy will join others in leading churches through prayer, teaching, and worship. In doing so, they will further the mission of the Church, to be a Church for all people and for all places.

Two groups of people are being ordained at Gloucester Cathedral in special services this weekend. Bishop Robert is presiding at the ordinations and Dean Andrew is leading the ordination retreat.

The services are livestreamed on the Diocese of Gloucester’s YouTube channel.

Watch live below.

Ordination of deacons

The new deacons lined up before the service

10 people are currently taking the first step into ordained ministry at Gloucester Cathedral when they will be ordained as deacons. A former Primark manager, a retired nurse and a children’s worker are among those to be made deacon.

Ordination is the Church’s official recognition of a person’s sense of calling to be a priest or deacon and this first step into ordination will give them the authority to do certain things in the name of God and the Church.

Download the ordination of Deacons order of service →

The 10 people being ordained as deacons on Sunday 30 June at 10.15am are:

Robert Atkin South Cheltenham Team
David Baker Cheltenham, St Paul
Gioia Barnbrook Gloucester, St George with Whaddon
Jackie Colburn South Cotswolds Team Ministry
Tamsyn Jenkins Cheltenham, St Michael’s
Graham Leighton Cheltenham, Holy Trinity
Laine Lewis Gloucester, Barnwood
Clare Negreira Gloucester, St Catharine
Daniel Newman Badgeworth, Shurdington and Witcombe with Bentham
Jodie Ward Vale and Cotswold Edge

Ordination of priests

On Saturday 29 June, 3pm to 4.30pm, 9 people were ordained as priests for the Church of England in and around Gloucestershire.

The new priests have already been working in churches throughout the diocese as ordained deacons, learning the work of a priest and assisting their parish priest in the running of the church. The service in the Cathedral was the final step for the new priests after years of training.

Download the order of service here →

Watch the service below.

The seven people being ordained as priests on Saturday 29 June at 3pm were:

Lucy Barbour Bishops Cleeve and Woolstone with Gotherington and Oxenton
Molly Boot Redmarley D’Abitot, Bromesberrow, Pauntley, Upleadon, Oxenhall, Dymock, Donnington, Kempley and Preston
Tracey Clements Minchinhampton with Box and Amberley
Caroline Dunnett Redmarley D’Abitot, Bromesberrow, Pauntley, Upleadon, Oxenhall, Dymock, Donnington, Kempley and Preston
Mark Dunning Newent and Gorsley with Clifford’s Mesne
John Hollows Northleach with Hampnett and Farmington, Cold Aston with Notgrove and Turkdean and Compton Abdale with Haselton
Catherine Milsom Gloucester, St Barnabas
Simon Phillips Tewkesbury, Holy Trinity
Catie Watson
South Cotswolds Team Ministry

Speaking before the services, the Bishop of Tewkesbury, the Rt Revd Robert Springett said, “These 19 men and women, many of whom I have had the privilege of journeying with over these last years as they have prepared for this day, others who are joining us from other dioceses, bring with them not simply a dazzling array of gifts and skills but a passion and energy for mission and ministry as they dedicate their lives to serving the people of God as priests and deacons.

“I am immensely looking forward to ordaining them. Ordinations are a cause for celebration not just for the communities in which these new ministers will serve but for the whole Church. They remind us that following God’s call, wherever it may take us, is truly life-giving and life-affirming and an invitation for us all to share in. I invite you all to celebrate this step in their journey by holding them in your prayers while being always open to the question of where might God be calling you.”

Please hold all these people in your prayers this weekend.

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The word Leadership spelt out, with Committed to Transformation written underneath.

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