Take action against modern slavery in the Diocese of Gloucester

Published: Tuesday April 11, 2023

Take the pledge Make it slavery free. A sillohuette of a person with birds flying around itFrancesca Geach from the Clewer Initiative, the Church of England’s national work to combat modern slavery, is asking us to “Take the Pledge to Make it Slavery Free”.

“In the UK, thousands of men, women and children are trapped in modern slavery. This crime is prevalent in all communities including those across the Diocese of Gloucester.

“You may have walked past someone being forced to beg and then hand over their takings. You could have been sitting next to a child on a train who’s involved in county lines drug trafficking. Or perhaps you’ve been served in a restaurant, had your nails done or your car washed by someone who’s had their passport taken and has to hand over most of their wages to their abuser.

“Any one of these seemingly trivial day-to-day events could involve a victim of modern slavery.

“The Clewer Initiative’s campaign Make It Slavery Free calls on individuals, churches and businesses to sign the pledge to make their community slavery-free. Any action, no matter how small, could change the life of somebody in desperate circumstances. This could include putting up awareness-raising posters, signing up for modern slavery and safeguarding training or simply using The Clewer Initiative’s Safe Car Wash App to report modern slavery at your local hand car wash.”

To get involved with the campaign, visit The Clewer Initiative’s website for ideas on how to go slavery-free and resources such as posters and pledge materials to display in your church: The Clewer Initiative | Make It Slavery Free

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