Energy Footprint Tool – your questions answered

Published: Monday February 27, 2023

Cate WilliamsThe Energy Footprint Tool needs to be completed as part of the annual returns routine. Our diocesan Environmental Engagement Officer, the Revd Dr Cate Williams, has put together the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you with the process.

What is the EFT?

The EFT is a carbon footprinting tool, developed by the national CofE environment team specifically for church buildings.

How long does it take?

It should only take 20 minutes, with the relevant information to hand. 

Why is it important?

The EFT is the key tool to keep track of progress towards carbon net zero, which is core to Christian discipleship as we care for Creation in times of climate and nature crisis.  We need the data to honour our diocesan/national commitments to carbon net zero by 2030.  

Is it useful to my churches as well as the Diocese and national CofE?

Filling this in generates a report about your carbon footprint for local use, and enables you to answer the EcoChurch question about carbon footprinting positively. 

Where do I do this?

It is accessed through the same portal as the other parish returns.

What information do I need to fill this in?

You need your energy bills available.  Data can be submitted in volume, kWh, or cost.   If you are generating electricity (solar PV or other renewables) you also need this information.

What information is automatically filled in for me?

Approximate numbers of people using the building and the area of the building should be pre-populated, from the parish returns (former) and listed buildings information (latter)

How do I work out the area of the building if it isn’t prepopulated?

If your building is not listed, an educated guess is fine!   You can measure distances on google maps if needed for an approximation.  Google (or Ecosia) to find out how.

What about the travel and mileage question?

If you have this information to hand, go for it!  But we’d rather you skip this question and fill in the rest if that is the pragmatic solution. 

For more help and advice, contact ku.gr1713103696o.coi1713103696dsolg1713103696@smai1713103696lliwc1713103696


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