Cadet Chaplains Connect Event

Published: Thursday January 5, 2023

An event for anyone interested in learning more about chaplaincy to uniformed organisations.

Barrie VoyceBarrie Voyce, Senior Youth Connector for the Diocese of Gloucester said, “During the time of the Queen’s death and funeral, I visited my Air Cadets. I asked the cadets whether they wanted to stick to the programme or talk about death and dying. They were very keen to do this and it was astounding to hear the many stories of cadets supporting their own parents when a grandparent had died.”

The role of Chaplain to Cadets often comes with an incumbency or curacy, and it can seem like a bit of an add-on to an already busy and diverse role in local ministry. However, stories like this one remind us that chaplaincy can be an extraordinary opportunity to meet young people within our parishes and support them in their lives.

Barrie reflected, “Chaplaincy to uniformed organisations can be a hidden area of youth ministry. Across the Diocese, there are clergy who are serving youth through chaplaincy in amazing ways. The Youth Connect team is always so encouraged when we hear stories from chaplains, and we wanted to find a way to bring those stories together.”

Bishop Rachel is hosting an evening for anyone involved in (or wanting to explore) Chaplaincy to Uniformed Organisations on Monday February 13 at 7pm. There will be refreshments, a chance to hear from Barrie about the value of chaplaincy, and opportunities to meet other chaplains and share experiences.

To sign up for the evening, please click here.

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  1. Hi Barrie,
    I hope to come on the 13th Feb. My time given to chaplaincy is limited but happy to get any support or ideas.

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