#EcoChurchInAnHour Caring for creation through worship

Published: Tuesday August 2, 2022

Andrew BlytheHow can worship help us to live out our care for the environment? Bishop Robert speaks to the Revd Andrew Blythe from Trinity Cheltenham about how worship through music and prayer connects to our stewardship of creation.

Andrew says, “We sing our theology, and I love the fact that a lot of the newer, modern songs often start with a focus on God as creator, and get us to think about how we pray and how we live in response.”

The church has printed a Rule of Life leaflet to people in their worshipping community, which offers suggestions on how to make small steps to care for creation in daily life, such as where we buy food, how we travel and how we can pray into the environment.

This work counts towards the Worship and Teaching part of their #EcoChurchInAnHour and is part of the wider work the church is doing to achieve Eco Church awards, you can read more about his on the Trinity Cheltenham website.

As a Diocese, we are committed to being carbon neutral by 2030. Could you register your church for Eco Church and pledge an hour a week to make your church greener?


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