Easter Eve confirmations 2022

Published: Tuesday May 3, 2022

Bishop Rachel marking the sign of the cross on a young woman's headThe evening before Easter, after sunset, a group of people who wanted to publically confirm their faith and trust in Jesus, gathered at Gloucester Cathedral for a confirmation service.

Both Bishop Rachel and Bishop Robert were there, making this confirmation service a particularly joyful and significant event. This is the first time in memory of both Bishops that confirmations have happened as part of an Easter Vigil service, and it went on for two hours.

The service included the lighting of the Easter fire, outside in the Cloister Garth (gardens). Bishop Robert held the Easter candle over this bonfire to light it, symbolising the light of Christ’s resurrection after his death.

The bishops confirmed 20 people in this special service, two affirmed their baptismal faith and two people were baptised.

At three points in the service, just before baptism, confirmation and affirmation of faith, people were asked what it meant to them to be on their journey of faith and why they wanted to be confirmed.

Each candidate was called to go out into the world and be a light for Christ. There were given a candle as a reminder of the holy spirit in them.

The next Cathedral Confirmations will be on Pentecost Sunday 5 June and then again on the evening before Easter in 2023.

If you feel that you would like to be confirmed, speak to your local parish priest about preparation.

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Bishop Robert holding the Easter candle over the Easter fire to light it. A crowd of people watchesBishop Robert marks the sign of the cross on a young woman's forehead while people pray for her

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