Walk for the Planet is now underway- join in!

Published: Saturday August 14, 2021

A group of people holding a banner "Relay to COP26"The first leg of the Gloucestershire Walk for the Planet set off from Viney Hill Church on Friday morning.

The group started the day with prayer and the reading of a poem before they set off towards Westbury-on-Severn.

Bishop Rachel met the walkers at Gloucester Cathedral on Monday morning to pray with them.

We went along to catch up with some of the walkers and find out why they had joined in with the march.

There’s still time to sign up for the rest of the walk on Wednesday of this week.

Catch walk leader Ella Burfitt on Radio Gloucestershire during the Sunday Breakfast show on Sunday 15 August. Listen from 2 hours 40 into the show.

Listen to the walkers’ stories

Martin Spoor, Churchwarden at St Andrew’s, Awre (above, far right of photo)

God gives us hope – we are not doomed to be the victims of our previous mistakes.

Gillian Traverse smiling at the door of a church in walking gearGillian Traverse, St Mary’s Lydney

“I want to add my voice to the many who are concerned about… the fires burning, icecaps melting, species going into extinction and people throughout the world marginalised because of the effects of climate change…”

Mark Bick, Mid Wyedean Churches (Coleford and the surrounding villages)

I am utterly convinced that tackling climate change has to be done at every level or we are doomed to fail.

Jayne, Newnham, St Peter’s

I have noticed a massive decline in insects, particularly that I haven’t seen many butterflies in the past few years. It’s very worrying that people cut down every bit of grass they see to keep it neat. We need to leave the flowers for the butterfly corridors.

I’m worried about people trying to offset when they are still destroying habitat that has taken thousands and thousands of years to develop.”


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  1. Thanks to all the organisers of the YCCN walk for the planet (the COP26 climate crisis awareness project) which has just completed the tributary through Gloucestershire, handing over to Worcestershire after the Tewkesbury to Upton walk today (18th Aug). Thanks to Ella who led the walk so well and to those who assisted: to Wendy who bade us farewell from the abbey and to Sue and the others at the church who welcomed today’s walkers – a great occasion appreciated by all involved.

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