Listening to Young People

Published: Wednesday November 3, 2021

Children talking with cupsBlog by Vicky Falvey, Youth Connector for the Diocese of Gloucester

“Over the last little while, I have found myself trying to find an answer as to how best to disciple young people when there is 1 or 2 in the church and not a bigger youth group?

“I would love to say I am writing this post after coming to some profound and brilliant conclusion – but the truth is I haven’t. Maybe, rather than holding the question close to me believing the answer will eventually come I in fact need to open the question up to the young people: ‘What do you need to help your faith go deeper?’

“What if we asked a question like the one above and gave space and time for our young people to respond? What answers would we hear, when we are spending time with them and getting to know them as individuals? I know from experience that there can be huge pressure to create youth programmes and events that cover all the bases and can accommodate a few youths of very different ages. The only apparent alternative sometimes is to find another youth group to send young people to.

“Instead, I think there are huge possibilities in embracing the reality of this very common situation. It may not afford breath of activity but presents opportunities to meet the young people where they are.

“With all this in mind, do you know what is on the hearts of your young people? What could discipleship look like in your context? How might you respond if you were asked: ‘What do you need to help your faith go deeper?’

“Our young people are thirsty to learn – let’s respond to what it is that is on their hearts to help them grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus.”


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