A roundup from Week 2 of COP26

Published: Friday November 12, 2021

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Mixed news as we reach the end of COP26 – there is concern that commitments are not enough to meet targets though some encouragement too.

See our Environmental Engagement Officer’s reflection

Positive announcements include:

    • A surprise on Wednesday from China and the US, committing to work together on cutting emissions. This is a significant step forward from China, especially around the language being used, calling climate change an existential threat to humanity.
    • 45 nations have committed to measures concerning land use and nature.
    • The UK pledged £290m to help nations struggling with the effects of climate change.


Riffing on Isaiah and channelling St Paul

Vanessa Nakete, Ugandan young climate activist, included subtle biblical reference in her speech, which a colleague in another Diocese said was: ‘riffing on Isaiah and channelled St Paul.’  It is well worth watching this 5 minute excerpt.

A procession of people carrying banners and led by a mum with a pushchair arrive at the Cathedral

The grassroots in Gloucester

In Gloucester, 160 gathered outside the Cathedral to highlight our local concern for the concerns under discussion at COP26.  Events were also held in Stroud and Tewkesbury under the COP26 Coalition banner, with Cheltenham focussed on a daily prayer vigil over the fortnight of the conference.

These gathering were part of a series, nationally and internationally, that included both smaller local gatherings alongside the tens of thousands gathered in Glasgow itself, and large gatherings in other major cities such as London, Bristol and Cardiff.  There were around 200 gatherings of various sizes across the UK, and the YCCN relay boat was carried through the streets of Glasgow.


Christian presence in Glasgow

  • Christian Aid launched a report, ‘Women on the Frontline’ about women being not just on the front line of the impacts of climate change, but also on the front line for solutions and healing.
  • Continued presence among the protesters, led by Christian Climate Action
  • A Doxecology concert on Thursday – music which brings together ecology and praise
  • Euan McFee handed over declarations from many dioceses to Bishop Graham Usher which he carried by bike, cycling from Truro to Glasgow. Euan had passed through Gloucester Diocese in September as he cycled to Glasgow, our environmental policy is one of those that was handed over.

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