Young people using sports ministry to process isolation

Published: Monday September 14, 2020

PaddleboardingSports ministers from PSALMS held  two, one-day events for 63 young people to help them work through the last six months of lockdown.

The young people used the text Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever,” to help them recognise where Christ has been at work in their lives during this time and reaffirming how he is with us in each moment and will continue to be as they go back to school.

The day at TRAC (Tom Roberts Adventure Centre) included a reflection trail and campfire sessions, paddle boarding, archery and pilates, supported by WhatSUP instructors and Kay Skinner Fitness.

Leader Dave Moller said, “The success of bringing together both PSALMS and contacts from across the Diocese of Gloucester led to a wonderful day for the young people. The young people fed back that they felt ‘cared for’ in sessions that were ‘constantly both reflective and practical fun’.”

Some of the children and young people were planning to go to their youth club for the first time after this event.


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